Girls Make Me Do Crazy Things…

In addition to the OG

My 10 Commandments at age 27

1. Thou shalt entertain thyself.

A Sad, but True Short Story

Not the lack of it. The Obsession with it above all else.

And here are the thoughts!

8:22 pm Concluding Thoughts

Intermittent Retirement

Me and My Backpack

7 Lessons from riding 1,300 miles in 22 days

Day 17

The Forethoughts

The Plan(ish)

What We’re Doing

The Must Do’s, Pros and Cons of Internet Existence

Photo by Max Duzij on Unsplash

It’s Contagious

Tweet Version. “You work for you, companies don’t exist, don’t suck you’ll regret it, cheaters implode, honesty compounds.”


Paul Keating

Occasionally writing, acting, working, modeling, or surfing. Always living.

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